First Doctors appointment and first ultrasound!

    Was up bright and early this morning so i could get my kids ready before i headed out to my first doctors appointment.Grandma was so nice to come over and watch them while me and my husband went to the doctors.So after i got there i had some paperwork to do,weight was checked--no im not -- blood pressure taken....I also had to go give blood so a bunch of tests can be run to make sure everything is ok..Then after that i was in the doctors examination room and i had to strip from the waist down...ALWAYS fun!!...not!. then i happened to look to the right and i saw an ultrasound machine!! i was i getting an ultrasound today??? no one ever said i would when the doctor came in and checked a few things with me ...then told me to lay down and look at the screen while he did his when i looked at the screen this is what i saw

    My Lil Peanut is 7weeks and 2 days...also has a very good heartbeat so everything looks good and baby is busy growing and getting stronger!!

    I had though i was a little future along...only by a couple of weeks but i guess not...and thankfully im only having 1 baby and not more! fear twins.

    I will end up having another c-section as i have 2 done already PLUS im going to get my tubes tied...4 kids is more then enough!!!

    Well i just wanted to share with you what i got to go through today and to show you all my lil peanut..I showed the photo to my 4yr old and 3 yr old....they have no clue as what they were looking at hahaha but thats ok..i had expected them to be that way

    hope you all are having a wonderful day! and as always thanks for stopping by <3

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