Deborah Lippmann Dance Music Holiday Trio // Review & Swatches!!

    There is nothing more gorgeous than Deborah Lippmann's glitter polishes. I recently bought the new Deborah Lippmann Dance Music Holiday Trio. I am so excited to review them for you and show you some swatches!! I bought these from for $29.00 with FREE S&H! I also used my Ebates account to buy them so I can get some cash back while I was at it. =) Shipping only took about a week, so I was very happy with that. The Dance Music Holiday Trio is only available in mini sizes as far as I am aware of. But with the price reduction, it is worth it and very affordable.

    The first shade I would like to show you is "Just Dance," which is a lovely aqua glitter. The glitter in this polish is finer than the glitters you are used to with the larger sizes, but it allows it to dry a bit faster.

    This is 3 coats with no base or top coat. This polish has a medium blue jelly base to it, which helps you achieve opacity without using a base color. Since the glitter is more fine when compared to DL's traditional glitter polishes, it give you almost a foil-like finish which I love.

    Next up is "Dancing in the Dark" which is a fabulous silvery-gray color packed with multi sized holographic and silver glitter.

    For this swatch I used 3 thick coats, with no base or top coat. The jelly base in this polish is a bit less pigmented than I would have liked. However, I love this color, especially the dark shimmer quality it has about it. It would look stunning over a black base coat of polish & would be perfect for a night out or celebrating the New Year.

    "Flash Dance" might be my favorite color from this collection. It is a nice pinky/purple color and the combo of the two works harmoniously together.

    This color was the most opaque of the three polishes in this trio. This swatch is using 2 coats with no base or top coat. There is a darker purple jelly base in this polish which gives you rich color with two quick coats. This color is so mesmerizing and is sure to catch the eye of any passerby.

    As I mentioned before, these polishes are only available in mini sizes for the moment. They are 0.2 oz each compared to the full sizes at 0.5 oz. The picture below is a size comparison of the full size v.s. the mini size.
    (Pictured above: DL "Across the Universe" & DL "Just Dance")

    The size difference isn't too dramatic. Honestly, I will most likely never use all the polish in my full sized DL bottles. So I think getting the mini sizes are a great option & I actually kinda prefer them! It allows you to own some of the well sought after DL glitters without hurting your bank account. On that note, I would really love to see them come out with more mini sized collections in the future. =)

    The picture above shows you a size comparison of a full sized and mini set. On the left is my "All that Jazz" collection, in case you were wondering. The box sizes are a bit dramatic in comparison, but the boxes for the full sized collections are more wasted space than product. So don't turn away from these small trios if they are displayed next to a full sized set.

    Overall, I am really impressed with the *NEW* Music Holiday Trio. I would definitely purchase them again and I would definitely recommend them.

    What do you think about this collection? Is it a must have or pass? Which color is your favorite? Would you purchase the mini sizes or opt for the full sized bottles? Let me know! I would love to hear your comments!

    & I need to give a BIG THANKS to Deriniti from My Pretty Nails!! Because of her, I finally figured out how to reply to your comments!! =) xx

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