butter London The Black Knight + Bundle Monster Stamping Plate BM-211

    November 07, 2011

    This is two coats of Butter London The Black Knight. I have one word for you--GORGEOUS!  It is so shiny and sparkly!!!!! This has NO top coat because I was planning on stamping. So lovely, but very bumpy/gritty with no top coat. You can clearly see that in the photos. But I know we can all imagine how much better it would be with a top coat!

    P.S. the next two photos are taken with the China Glaze Top Coat Bottle because my camera had trouble focusing withe Butter London bottle for some reason.

    Then I ruined it with some random stamp... LOL.... This is Nicole by OPI Positive Energy (if you do not own this chrome silver, go buy it now!) and Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-211. What is this print any way? In person this manicure looked VERY edgy. I adored it in person, but not so much in photos. In person, the sparkle of Butter London The Black Knight really showed through the stamp! So sparkly and pretty. I wish my photos captured that! Who knows maybe one of you will like it?! =)

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