My Nails for Thankgiving

    So around 11pm last night i got the urge to do my nails and totally forgot about taking photos of all the steps i did to create what i yeah no tutorial but i wanted to explain on my blog how i did it all.

    not only did I use nail polish but also makeup pigments!

    this is the design I did

    What you will need is

    emerald green and a rustic red polish - or in my case pigments
    clear polish
    A sponge
    A stamping image of a leaf
    A good white polish that you can stamp with- I used konads white
    striping brush
    gold polish and golden yellow striping polish
    and a black polish pen


    So I applied my base coat first..then on a paper plate i put some off me BFTE (beauty from the earth) mineral pigments in colors Emerald and Isis

    then on the paper plate pour a small amount of clear polish,then with your sponge dab it into the clear polish then dab it into the color of your choice ...then bring to your nail and in patting motions ..pat in the areas you want...What i did was half and half on each nail tip..and added just a little rustic red to the green and vise versa

    so when that dries just apply a clear coat over entire nail to seal it all it.

    Next I got my nail stamping stuff...with my white konad polish  i applied to the image plate,scraped and picked up with my stamper and applied to the nail ..keep it random for each nail

    here is the image I used..this in not a konad image plate..i won this plate and have no idea who made it,sorry

    next I went and filled in the white of the leaf starting off with a yellow gold..and blended some darker gold into it...from there I got my striping brush

    and with it a created a few wavy lines on each nail around the leafs.also added a few dots.

    And lastly with a black pen polish i added a few drops of black on the gold spots i did...Apply top coat and your all done.

    I hope i have explained how i did this clear...cos im hopeless when it comes to directions!

    here is the finished design again

    thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog..means alot to me <3

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