Make Your Own Nail Polish Display *DIY*

    **this is mine pictured above, it holds about 100 nail polishes**

    I'm really exicted about this post. The other day I was online looking for nail polish display racks so I can organize my growing nail polish collection. I was looking on Ebay and they are around $29.99 but shipping is a whopping $34.99!! Which would be a total of $64.98 for just one nail polish display that holds 50 polishes. I have just a little over 100 polishes so I would have to buy two of these displays, but I'd rather spend that $120+ on nail polishes!! lol

    That is when I went over to YouTube to see how other girls were organizing their polish stashes. I stumbled onto this video where a girl had the genius idea on how to make her very own nail polish rack! She made it with only that foam poster board they have in drugstores and a hot glue gun. I made one that was slightly bigger than hers so I had to buy 4 poster boards which was about $16. At first I wasn't so sure how sturdy it would be with only a hot glue gun but I was very suprised to see how strong the hot glue was with this material. It took about 2 hours to make which is not too long considering I spent most of that time just staring at the poster board trying to think of what sizes to cut. After all your pieces are cut it takes maybe 10 minutes to glue it all together. It is SUPER easy to make and I would definately suggest making one in your free time. I couldn't even begin to try to explain how to create your own so I made sure to include the original video I saw below ...

    It would be so cool if a company just sold the pieces pre-cut and you could just glue it together yourself. The shipping would also be a lot cheaper than buying a traditional plastic nail polish display. Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you make one yourself or come up with any ideas on how to make this design better be sure to leave a comment! Also, I am also going to post my thanksgiving nails either on Monday or Tuesday so keep an eye out for that too. =)

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