A Christmas Present Nail Design

    December 03, 2011

    Another Franken polish for you today! I have become obsessed with buying people's custom polishes lately. This polish comes from Dollish Polish. You can visit her Etsy shop here. She also sells custom hand painted nail art.

    The photo above shows three coats of Expecto Patronum and one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. After two coats, I still had "bald" spots, so a third coat was a must for me. I do  appreciate the subtle glitter (there is a slight shimmer the photo doesn't show), but I do wish there were more blue chunks of glitter on my nails.

    See all the lovely blue glitter in the bottle shot! I want more of that on my nail! And I did shake the bottle like crazy (like her note said to in the package). I think most of the glitter settled at the bottom, but I had a hard time getting it to rise to the top so the brush could pick it up. I shook it pretty well too.

    I recently saw my friend Michelle's (Sonoma Nail Art) gift wrapping manicure, and it inspired me. 

    Here is my version of a "sophisticated" Christmas present (in other words, I didn't want to use red, green, or gold). I painted on the "ribbon" with Sally Hansen Celeb City. I then stamped on the bow with Red Angel Stamping plate RA-121 and Kleancolor Metallic Navy.  These are my recently purchased stamping plates from Amazon. You can purchase a 21 piece set of Red Angel Stamping plates from Amazon for approximately $12 plus shipping.

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