My Nails for Christmas

    So yesterday i was just playing around with my polishes and colored acrylics.I didnt have a design planed,i just went with the the beginning i wasnt loving what i had started but at the end i really liked it alot that i have decided that these will be my Nails for Christmas :)

    what i did a Q-tip and dipped it in what polish ,then patted it around my nail but not oer the entire surface,then i did the same with some blue polish but didnt color up the white entirely,and then i did the same again with a glitter polish but didnt cover up the blue entirely either.

    For the snowman and tree I got a fake nail,stuck it to a nail stand,cover it in plastic (i cut up a zip lock bag) and then tied it off with an elastic band so the plastic would be tight around the nail..then created my designs over the plastic and when they dried they come off very easily..i did it over a fake nail so i would get a curve very close to the curve on my own natural nails so it would fit better when i glued them on.

    for the stars i just used my white striping polish,then applied a 1mm blue rhinestone to each,then finish with your top coat and your all done!!

    the photos i took really dont do this design much justice ..they look sooooo much better in real life!!


    hoppe you found something in this post helpful and thanks for stopping by :)



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