Eye Kandy Cosmetics Glitter Swatches

    So i had entered a fantasy makeup contest on facebook awhile ago that Eye Kandy cosmetics hosted

    this was my entry

    but long story short I ended up being the grand prize winner!! ... this is probably the biggest contest i have EVER won as far as prizes are concerned.I couldnt believe my eyes when they posted the winner's name..which was me!!

    the grand prize was
    60 eye kandy glitters
    display stand for all the glitters
    liquid Sugar
    2 brushes

    they have 3 different types of glitters... (S)-Sugar's..this means its a translucent glitter
                                                             (SF)..SuperFine- its like a glitter dust
                                                             (F) .. Larger then the superfine but not by a whole lot


    but i wanted to show you all the beautiful glitters from eye kandy cosmetics  so here are swatches with names of each color...get settled in your seat as there are alot to see..lol

    And these are all the Sugar translucent glitters

    If you would like to visit Eye Kandy Cosmetics ust click the link below


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